Author: Jem Yoshioka

Jem Yoshioka is an illustrator and comic artist living in Wellington, New Zealand. Deftly weaving words and pictures together, Jem’s comics tell evocative and emotional stories with themes of belonging, place, and heritage. Jem’s current webcomic project is a queer science fiction romance between an android and a human called Circuits and Veins, which has been running for two years and has over 67,000 subscribers.
Jem has been published in Electrum – an all-ages mixed race anthology, The School Journal, Three Words – the New Zealand Women’s comics anthology, and Geometry literary journal among others. Her comic Concrete was published by Square Planet Comics and she self-published Sunshine in 2015. She won first place in the Chromacon New Zealand Indie Arts Festival Comic Awards in 2013 and 2015 and was shortlisted in 2017.

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