Author: Peter Wells

Peter Wells is an award-winning author and film-maker. In 2018 Unity Books gave Peter Wells a $20,000 award for his ‘body of work but also his long-span social justice activism … His strong sense of social justice combined with his literary achievements has nourished, sustained and encouraged readers in Aotearoa.’ Peter has consistently broken barriers in both publishing (first gay book written under the author’s own name) and film (Jewel’s Darl showed transgender characters in a sympathetic light to New Zealand in 1986). Most recently he produced a memoir of his family, Dear Oliver, as well as a series of Facebook posts chronicling his experience of living with cancer, later reprinted in The Spinoff under the title ‘Hello Darkness’, which won a Media Voyager Award in 2018. Hello Darknessis also the title of his forthcoming book which includes this material and more. He co-created the Auckland Writers Festival in 1999 and the samesame but different LGBTQI Writers Festival in 2015.

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