Author: Jennifer Palgrave

Jennifer Palgrave (aka Lois Cox and Hilary Lapsley) are both experienced writers with publications to their names as well as editing experience. The One That Got Away, a lesbian mystery under the pseudonym Jennifer Palgrave, is their first collaboration and first venture into writing fiction. Lois’s career began in publishing before becoming a senior public servant. Her life experience includes time as a student at Cambridge University and a campaign as a political candidate, running for parliament in the Lange era – both experiences relevant to aspects of The One That Got Away. She edited, with Harvey McQueen, Ten Modern New Zealand Poets, a widely used anthology of New Zealand poetry and she conducted an oral history project on the lives of older lesbians. Hilary’s background is as a social scientist and academic. She has taught lesbian studies as well as having many academic articles and reports to her name, as well as the biography Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict: The Kinship of Women.

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